Managing Director: Asiimwe Gilbert
Asiimwe is the Managing Director, Kigumba Intensive Schools. He can be reached on Tel: 0782 777 505
Headteacher: Ogwal Tonny Tobias
Ogwal has been with Intensive since inception in 2002. Reach him on Tel: 0782 822 278
Director of Studies-Upper: Sorrow Crispo
Crispo is the Director of Studies for the upper section or what we call ‘A’ level (S5&S6). Call and talk to Crispo on Tel:0782 35 66 13. You can also Read More
Director of Studies-Lower: Farouk Rashid
Farouk is the Director of Studies at the school
Senior Woman Teacher: Grace Alinaitwe
Alinaitwe is the senior woman teacher Kigumba Intensive Secondary School – main campus