End of Term Examinations to Begin Soon, Parents Urged to Clear Outstanding Fees Balances

Dear Parents,

Our children are starting their end of term examinations on Monday 15th April 2019. We therefore call and urge parents with fees balances to clear them before then.

For more details, please call the head teacher, Mr Ogwal Tony Tobias on 0782822278 or the deputy head teacher Mr Katusabe Moses 0782652130 or the bursar, Mr Frank on 0782557873.

Parents can also call respective class teachers to ascertain the general well-being of their children.

The general and official school phone number is 0392177217. Information can also be provided on request by emailing info@kigumbaintensivesec.ac.ug

We wish them luck in their examinations and thank all parents who have managed to clear all school dues on time.  

Thank you. Management.


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