Too all parents/guardians,


We covey to you and our family warm greetings. We are thankful to God who has kept us alive thus far and pray that he continues to have mercy on us.

We regret to inform you that, following the abrupt presidential directive on closure of schools and institutions, we have temporarily closed school today March 20, 2020. Students are expected back to school on 20th April 2020 in case there is no other communication to the contrary.

As communicated by the president, this is a precautionary measure intended to limit concentrations of people in one place in bid to reduce the effect of the raging COVID-19 pandemic (Corona Virus) that is currently ravaging parts of the world. The closure should therefore, be taken in good faith for the good of all Ugandans.

As students return home, they should avoid crowded places like markets, discos, funerals, churches, crusades etc. They should also observe self-hygiene very seriously. A copy of guidelines on basic protective measures has been given to them. Let them and the whole family make us of it.

We particularly remind S4 and S6 students to continue with serious revision during this time of break. We still do not know arrangements that the Ministry of Education shall put in place to make up for the time lost. Perhaps they will extend the term or otherwise. We shall let you know as information becomes available.

Many student had not yet cleared fees for this term. You are reminded that as they return to school, they should come along with all the remaining fees balances as shown in the chit provided to each of them.

Thank you,

Tonny T. Ogwal