Discussion groups in preparation for exams

As students prepare to do examinations, some students find it hard to grasp during personal reading. However, forming discussion groups can be an option to get familiar knowledge in preparation for exams. Discussion groups help one increase on the understanding Read more

Unveiling Mr. Songa

As captured from KISMAG First Edition 2014-2015 Meet the most senior teacher of KISS Ladies and gentlemen today we unveil yet another fact you didn’t know and that is the most senior teacher in Kigumba Intensive. In his 70s, he is Read more

I am very simple, easy and social – Mr Alikah

Interview captured from KISMAG First Edition 2014-2015 Good day sir, Can I please have a few minutes of your time. I am called Atugonza Kasfa. A member of the writers club Kigumba Intensive SS and I would like to interview Read more